Here is an outline proposal for elements of the sunbloc festival

Based on the initial discussions with Mathew and everyone.

On looking at the diary with those who might be involved we can be available for the 9,10,11 and 12 August. To begin something on from the 5th then we will need to review costings.

There is no way of really judging the scale of your festival or the interest a film tent would hold but as I see it there are 2 sides to this. It would be most favorable to have an outside screening area, big screen 40' modest PA and audio support from the radio transmitter, but the weather being what it is a good size marquee would be wise. I really don't know what size to suggest, how about a 300 seater circus tent... I have use one before and it worked very well... we could put the radio antenae on the top...! on the other hand provided we can build a 10' projection frame inside a marquee that covers 100 people would also be OK...!

A: Sunbloc Sinema

A series of custom film events each of about 4 hours featuring key protagonists of the annual (no & low budget, independent film and performance) Volcano festival and friends. So far Omsk, Halloween Society, Exploding cinema and My Eyes My Eyes representatives from the major groups, have confirmed interest in presenting film shows with more contacting me as the invitation goes about. Each group is well used to running their own shows and regularly screen to 200 plus in the back rooms clubs and halls they use. The shows are often cabaret format interruptions of film and performance. They have a good library of material easily supplemented with commercial stock if appropriate. If there is interest there is no reason why feature films could not run late into the night. Feature films cost lota money to hire, how about the local video hire shop...!

B: Laser show

Raylamp are a London based electronic arts/engineer group who specialise in interactive laser light and audio triggering installations. They have expressed an interest in installing a setup also in the cinema tent, this could be either a regular spectacular laser show (sound to light) or a light harp where a set dispersion of beams trigger sounds when interrupted...depending on the location.

C: Sunbloc FM 104.2FM ( please check this wavelength is free)

A low power radio transmission (approx) 2 mile radius attuned to the festival needs, servicing special events and as focus of site activity. Each element of the festival would be welcome to make use of the air time talk about their work etc. Directions of how to get on site could also be considered.

The content for the radio transmission will be driven by a MP3 jukebox on a PC. This will be supplemented by web audio content from around the world with overlay of festival event coverage, features on the eclipse, interviews with visitors, performance, and discussion. A real audio stream will also be sent out on

The soundtrack from each film screening will be transmitted on the radio channel so that anyone on site with a view of the screen will be able to hear.

'sound of the eclipse' A call has been posted on the web for recordings of the 'sound' of the eclipse so with this in mind we wish to record the sounds during the eclipse from around the festival site and construct an audiorama of the site as contribution to this project.

D: 'eclipse obscura ' Safe viewing of the eclipse is something set to be a major issue. Clear advise and goggles must be distributed so that folk do not damage their eyes during viewing. We would like to 'build' a safe viewing area either in the cinema tent or in a nearby barn or similarly dark structure. Based on a pinhole camera it should enable as big as a 2 metre image of the eclipse (depending on the structure) to be projected on to a floor or wall.

I know too many things but they are all related so do not require individual resources and can share a marquee.

Technical requirements

To present a basic screening a single CLEAN 13 amp supply would be enough, preferably from a mains supply rather than generator. In order to maximise our efficiency it is assumed that all the activities mentioned here go on in one marquee.

Security for the equipment and personnel will need to be agreed. The best option for equipment is to use big metal tool store like in use at building sites, so can we have one of them please. These are minimum requirements.

For outside projection large scale. Erection of a scaffold frame to accommodate a 40'x 20' fabric projection screen mounted minimum 6 ft from floor including a waterproof housing for small PA behind screen. 10' Projection tower waterproofed and powered to hold video projection equipment 2 operators, positioned 20 ft from the front of screen (mobile would be best)

Otherwise depending on the marquee available... mobile 10' projection tower 6'x6' to hold projection equipment and 2 operators. single fly bar 20' length 15' high minimum to hold projection screen. one 2' riser 8x6 to accomodate compare and PA. Single spot light to illuminate compare. One long ladder.


Well I know this started out as a incidental thing "radio staion" but as you can see its a bit of a roller, so, here is a breakdown of all 4 bits based on a 4 day exposure. I can hold the fees as long as we keep 3 out of 4 bits otherwise I will have to re calculate the travel and expenses a bit.

A: Sunbloc Sinema 500
B: Laser show 300
C: Sunbloc FM 300
D: 'eclipse obscura ' 100

Other issues.

Site Security
Site passes, access,

Running a cinema, transmitting radio and use of laser graphics requires advance permission licence and heath & safety clearance respectively. Any thoughts......