May 2nd 1999 106.6 MHz F.M. 09:00 to 23:00 A pilot broadcast from Brighton area speech based community radio station . For one day only Brighton will be able to tune in to a wide range of radio programmes made by and featuring local residents. Broad-casting in the true sense, the new station is all home grown, although it does bear a passing resemblance to BBC Radio 4, including freedom from advertising. An unrivalled quality of production is assured by a core staff of seasoned hands from many previous adventures in ground breaking radio who have gathered a fresh crop of Brighton's finest and brightest minds for an extraordinary exhibition of the true potential of the medium. It promises to be informative, diverse, challenging, political, entertaining and pioneering. All the material is new and written especially for the event. Featuring documentary, comedy, news, panel games, drama, childrens' programmes, reviews, poetry and many of your favourites from radio 4 but all with a local angle it will be an unmissable day on the airwaves. For further details see email:

There will be a simultanous net broadcast here