Welcome to Radiospace , the following descriptions and links relate to active radio project work for 2003.

These pages will shortly be presented in our fresh version of this site currently in development for early October launch.

DeptfordX festival opened the other night at the Laban Centre .. this year the emphasis has shifted one notch further toward digital development agenda.. with several techno/data/performance events scheduled..including a set of 'X' workshops at DECKSPACE on the 1,2,3 and 4th of July where both Consume and Blink get disected and exposed.. please swing by anytime between 3-9 each day..

Park bench tv launches Thursday 12th June 2003 6-8pm Bedford Square, London WC1B 3ES. All are welcome to visit the refurbished bench and soak the ADSL over WiFi on offer, find out more about AA terraportal development in London and Tune In!

'Can't stand The Rezillos' If you missed them back in 1979 then too bad! They fizzed and gashed again In Jan 2003 at a prime London Venue.. so no excuses now.. watch em

Bongo of PirateTV sent me over this huge list of recently encoded Films and Documentarys to view. Tune into the ... new channel player Also have a look at additional channels FPCN and Road alert coming soon.

Set up and present your very own media channel using the fab Frequency Clock. Timetable your live, prerecorded and appropriated streaming audio and video material into BLINK with this unique scheduling and playback system..

Blink [Direct Access Media Channel] takes to the road again on a Uk touring exhibition Art For Networks during 2003 have a peek at the installation or pop along to your local arty venue soon.. You select what's on and when, using the fab Frequency Clock toolkit. Also showing is OWN the prototype of a new magazine focused on Open Wireless Networks, issues of ownership and media rights. peek at us here

LMC broadcast Resonance 104.4 FM to London 24/7 and worldwide on this channel...from this rooftop location [S] 'The art of listening'

PirateTV present 24/7 selection of live streams from the likes of coldcuts CCTV, Undercurrents, Headspace, Dubwiser and so many more....

Talkaoke, the world's first high quality, people-sized, fully spontaneous, interactive, doughnut-shaped chat show at events around the UK and live each Sunday evening between 19.30 and 22.00 from the Talkaoke Nerve centre in East London. Try these archive selections anytime!

Scan the Cellular Pirate Listening Station which relays london pirate transmissions to the global community. Pirate stations are most active in evenings and on weekends.

Have you just nipped out and purchased a wireless access point for your home or workplace ..? then get right out on your rooftop and see who about 'trip the loop, make your switch, consume the net'