Low-Fi @ KIAD sessions 2K

low-fi [001] duration = 27.23.5

low-fi [000] composite of streaming video clips constructed at initial session run at SOUTHSPACE early 2k

concubine-titles.rm 16-Jun-2000 21:28 47k
concubine.rm 16-Jun-2000 20:01 433k
hunt-titles.rm 16-Jun-2000 21:28 32k
hunt.rm 16-Jun-2000 21:24 886k
identities-titles.rm 16-Jun-2000 21:28 28k
individuality.rm 16-Jun-2000 21:27 1.5M
itchy.rm 16-Jun-2000 21:29 313k
loadsa.rm 16-Jun-2000 21:31 536k
loadsapeople.rm 16-Jun-2000 21:28 278k
low-fi-titles.rm 16-Jun-2000 21:28 26k
neural-title.rm 16-Jun-2000 21:28 39k
neural.rm 16-Jun-2000 20:03 852k
scratchy.rm 16-Jun-2000 21:30 365k
voyerism.rm 16-Jun-2000 21:28 18k for more information about these sessions contact Luci Eyers

These sessions take place with assistance from James Stevens stream genie at RADIOSPACE