so this what you will find here:

I spent an interesting enough evening in the company of Blixa notorious member of EN, Bad Seeds etc. in presentation of a very interesting performance he calls "philosophical tournaments".

The tournament consisted of a knockout contest between pairs of words as nominated by the audience. Each pair of words was called out in a mantra fashion and subjected to a chorus of effects and modulations thus generating a rich textural fabric out of which one or other word would emerge and move on to the next round. 1/4, semi and final contests 7 in all were argumented to produce a champion.

The event was designed to followed through a process of performance to production, to digitise the audio output from each contest direct to CD audio. Each master would then be duplicated, numbered, signed and then issued direct to the audience at the end of the evening for a small but seductive fee [30].

Despite a very late start and evident shortcomings in the arrangements and preproduction, the event proceeded as planned more or less and all but one of the contest cd's was succesfully duplicated in time for the curfew at 12PM.

At the end of the evening Blixa was able to take away those discs not sold and I expect he will find homes for them easily enough. The process proved interesting dynamic and potentially profitable and will almost certainly become standard practice at first throughout the independant sector and closely followed by corporate money grabbers. You read it here first.

For anyone interested in having a go at this them selves or would like me to run something similar at a future event please buzz me on or 0973 318881.